“I also liked Slabbert’s Masetto (in Don Giovanni), always a likeable character and so portrayed.”
Cape Times

“The opening night cast brings Johannes Slabbert to centre stage as Figaro (in Il Barbiere di Siviglia), and this young baritone has all the presence, personality and vocal power to fill the part handsomely. Far from being intimidated by the challenges incidental to the role, Slabbert seems to relish every appearance – and there are many, starting with a lustrous rendition of the best-known aria in the opera.” (About a certain factotum)
What’s on Tonight

“Leading the cast with a natural flair for drama was Baritone Johannes Slabbert whose Figaro (in Il Barbiere di Siviglia) – armed with a magnificently plush moustache (the production was also advertised as “a hair-raising contribution to Movember”) – was every bit the facetious and clever character he was supposed to be. His dramatic vocal articulation and impressive lung capacity certainly lent credence to Rossini’s reputation as “Signor Crescendo”.”
What’s on in Cape Town

Johannes Slabbert’s Figaro (in Il Barbiere di Siviglia) is a tour de force, his Largo al factotum, which in this opera is the aria we all want to hear, is performed imaginatively and flawlessly. It’s a wonder Slabbert can keep up with the energy of the aria given the frenetic movement in the staging.
Monday Missile Review

“Baritone Johannes Slabbert was an outstanding Figaro (in Il Barbiere di Siviglia) with a full and well tuned voice, in addition to having an excellent scenic mobility and performance.”
Opera Fanatics

“Johannes Slabbert’s tongue-in-cheek sentimentality as the love-sick Lord Sydney (in Il Viaggio a Reims) is a pleasing cameo adding to the cast.”
What’s on Tonight

“Special mention must also be made of Johannes Slabbert for his engaging performance as Leporello.” (in Don Giovanni)”
A Medium’s Monologue

“Slabbert was fascinating and funny as narrator (Leporello in Don Giovanni), and has a strong sonorous baritone voice.”
- Die Burger

“Johannes Slabbert’s rich baritone.” (in J. Strauss New Years Concert)
- Hufvudstadsbladet

“The baritone Johannes Slabbert is quite a stage lion.” (in J. Strauss New Years Concert)
- Helsingin Sanomat

“Local star in stirring opera (Germont in La Traviata).”
- TygerBurger

“Sanger se ‘Reis na Reims’ (Lord Sydney in Il Viaggio a Reims).”

“Don Giovanni is sung by baritone singer, Johannes Slabbert. Tall, dark and handsome, Slabbert epitomises Don and posses a vocal heft far more mature than a 22-year-old.”
-  London Theatre 1

“Johannes Slabbert’s easy and big voiced Don Giovanni”
-  Theatre Bubble